Problems with Descartes’ Philosophy: ‘I think therefore I am’

I think, therefore, I am

This is an interactive blog post, where the philosophyzer gives you a stimulus and questions, and asks you to provide the answers!

When Descartes said ‘I think, therefore, I am‘ what did he mean?

What are the problems with this aspect of Descartes philosophy?

Please check out this Descartes image and leave your comments on this blog.

Troll Philosophy


One comment on “Problems with Descartes’ Philosophy: ‘I think therefore I am’

  1. Tut Tut …this is naught but a Straw Man argument. What evidence do you have that the mind EVER stops thinking? Awake or asleep, your mind is always active. And that holds true for coma victims too. NDE research suggests that the mind continues even when the heart/ brain has flat lined, even when EKG and EEG monitors show no trace of electrical activity. Can a computer keep working without electricity? Not a chance. The computer is a machine, the mind is not. The mind has free will ( and therefore is not constrained by any physical laws or causal agents ). Again, the same cannot be said of a computer/ machine. Moreover, I would submit that if, IF, it really was possible for your mind to stop thinking COMPLETELY, ( as per Descartes ‘ I think therefore I am ‘ ) you would be NOT..Ergo Descartes assertion remains valid / has NOT been negated. .

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