Philosophy Books

Philosophical Texts: 

With Philosophical texts, it’s useful to have a guide alongside. The one’s listed here are a great help when it comes to understanding the meaning of the text and for developing own ideas and arguments

Descartes Meditations & A guide for Descartes Meditations

Nietzsche: Beyond Good and Evil & Nietzsche Guide

Plato, The Republic & The Republic Guide

For an Introduction to Philosophy: 

Sophie’s World – A novel on the history of Philosophy

Philosophy for Dummies – don’t be put off by the title! This is great for simple explanations of texts and theories.

The Philosophy Files – a brilliant, fun introduction to Philosophy

Think: A Compelling introduction to Philosophy

For A Level Philosophy: 

OCR Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics – these are fantastic books for OCR A level, but are also a great introduction and a help for undergraduate Philosophy

AQA Philosophy


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